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Welcome to Wood Doors Toronto! 

We are a maker of solid wood doors. Exterior and interior doors, in both standard and custom designs and sizes. Our doors are rail, stile, and solid wood construction. We can create to your specifications and add that quality custom touch to your office, home or commercial project. 

We pride ourselves on the variety of craftsmanship we have at our disposal to continually exceed the expectations of our customers. Whereas some other manufacturers offer custom wood doors for Toronto home along with their ventures, there are few, which are exclusively committed to the creation and designing of customized wooden doors. 

Customer Suport

Customer Suport

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Installation And Service

Installation And Service

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Door Hardware

Door Hardware

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Get the Door with Enduring Expression

At Wood Doors Toronto, we believe that an entrance door is more than just an entry point into your house – it creates a discerning statement about the persons who live inside. Our customers appreciate and understand the beauty and warmth that an authentic, solid wood door can add to any interior room.

Apart from their overall aesthetic pleasures, our wood doors will improve and preserve their value and beauty for many years to come. With us, the solid wood door will unquestionably establish an enduring expression for your remodeled or new home, which other manufacturers and materials can’t match.

Wood Doors Toronto Handcrafted in Canada

We believe that custom, solid wood doors must portray and reflect true skill and art. The production of our remarkable door begins with our highly talented craftsmen choosing the right pieces of the rough sawn, real solid wood of your liking. Wood Doors Toronto skilled team then thoroughly mill every solid wood door component with accuracy to build your door.

We perform every fabrication process with attention and care to detail by our highly skilled hands – straight to finish standing and to create a custom crate to ship your door. At Wood Doors Toronto, you get the greater quality of a genuine solid wood door, with precision craftsmanship, which has demonstrated to last for generations.

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Door Hardware

Wood Doors Toronto Showroom displays a large selection of Quality hardware, Emtek , Baldwin, Colombo, and Winly Products


Wood Doors Toronto provides Quality installations for over 30 years, with our experienced wood doors Install team


Knowing that a door is an essential part of your home and any room in your house. It creates the tone as the initial thing a lot of people see. First impressions can’t be redone and lasting. Wood Doors Toronto provides you the best and highest quality from one-piece doors to our custom-cut components.

So whether you are searching for all new doors or drawers fronts within your home, or need to be raised panel doors to emphasize a couple of remodeled areas in your home, our objective is to make your home look amazing for you to feel good about your decision.

  • We Have a Wide Array of Product Features

As the leading solid wood interior and exterior manufacturer in Toronto, Wood Doors Toronto create specific products with the use of high-quality standards. We construct our particleboard doors and solid MDF doors from eco-friendly material.

Further, we have countless designs for you to choose, or you design your kitchen cabinetry or door panels. We create our doors with the help of innovative processes. We provide a wide selection of door styles and types made to the satisfaction and specification of our customer.

  • Wood Doors Toronto Finest Solid Wood and Exterior Door Supplier

We know that it’s tough to find the ideal door supplier, particularly in the area of Toronto. That is the main reason why we are the leading door supplier and manufacturer within the area! If you plan to renovate your kitchen, it is essential to get what you like to create the complete look you are after.

At Wood Doors Toronto You will surely enjoy the craftsmanship our MDF doors, and particleboard core doors have to provide. It will change your house into the one you have always pictured. Wood Doors Toronto invites you to visit our gallery, or you can call us to know more about our services. Our responsive and knowledgeable team can offer you with all the information you need to decide for your home.

  • Personalized Front Doors with Wood Doors Toronto

You can make your entry door based on your specific architectural styles, like country, vintage, contemporary that can also differ outside and inside. Beyond its wide array of value-added and configurations options, Wood Door Toronto has a wide offering of finishes and materials. With us, all designs, styles, and looks are made accessible to you,  possibilities are endless.

  • The Genuine Charm of Solid Wooden Doors Toronto

A wooden door presents to your home an unparalleled character, a sense of nobility, if not old world charm. At Wood Doors Toronto, there’s no need to compromise the warmth of a door for sturdiness, because you can have both!

Certainly, our innovative assembling strategies let us make exterior or interior wood finish on steel doors, which mimic perfectly the look of a wood door while keeping the benefits of a robust steel door. The craftsman in you may select from a huge selection of models, factory-applied stains and wood species.

  • An Expert Team Wood Doors Toronto!

Wood Doors Toronto professional and competent team will handle all your queries and support you through your buying experience, from design to installation. Our reputation of excellence lies not just upon our superior performance and quality products, but also with our superb customer service. For the ideal front door, Wood Door Toronto leads the way!

Engineering construction and solid wood of the finest wood species like Oak, Maple, Walnut, Cherry, Mahogany are utilized in the design and manufacturing methods to translate the vision of the customer into a reality, and the outcome is a purposeful work of art.

Wood Doors Toronto creates-to-spec distinctive interior and exterior solid wood door solution.


Interior and Exterior MDF Door Designs

Wood Doors Toronto utilize the highest quality of MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) to make doors in virtually any style. These are Eco-friendly. Our MDF doors offer unparalleled performance at a value price. They are resistant to shrinking, warping and cracking, so they hold up to strict environmental conditions.

Our MDF Doors from Wood Doors Toronto have a smoother surface than wood. It makes it simpler to paint than the majority of wood doors. We create our doors with the same attention to quality construction as our premium hardwood doors. It is no surprise Wood Doors Toronto doors are famous for residential and commercial from coast to coast.

We create all kinds of MDF doors. We can construct just about any door you want, including the custom options. We can design any color or shape of MDF door to best suit the rest of your house. Wood Doors Toronto specialize in every aspect of outfitting any room in your home.

As the leading solid wood interior and exterior door manufacturer in Toronto, we provide a wide array of pieces, which will best complement the needs of all our customers, whether contractors or homeowners are working on other individual’s home:

Why Use MDF?

  • Available in many different styles, applications, and designs

  • Manufactured in fire-rated designs

  • Primed for painting

  • Won’t expand, warp, shrink, crack like wood doors

  • Made to look like wood doors with or without the wood grain look

  • Eco-friendly, low-maintenance materials

Particleboard Core Doors

Wood Doors Toronto Particleboard is made up of 3 layers of wood particles. In case you didn’t know yet, the middle layer includes bigger wood chips, and the two outer surfaces consist of finer wood particles. By pressing and bonding the wood particles together with resin, it creates either a Moisture Resistant or Standard glue line.

Particleboard is a non-structural wood-based panel that is applicable for interior applications like built-in furniture, joinery, cupboards where the product won’t be subject to extreme humidity.

Particle Board Core

Particle Board Core Solid Interior Doors

Boosting the stunning look of your home is achievable these days. You can start by modifying its interior design, roofing, or lighting system. While doing the process, never forget to give attention to your doors. Aside from providing maximum security, it will complement the personality of your property.

Whether some of your doors are dull or not functional, now is the right time to consider particle board core solid interior options. However, your journey will never be free of hassles. In fact, it will be full of burdens. It is because of the hundreds of companies in the industry. The good thing is that Wood Doors Toronto has been established for you.

We are the company where you can find a rich collection of particle board core solid interior doors. Our solutions are available in different sizes, texture, colors, and style, helping you make the best decision in no time. Whatever the appearance of your home, our products are responsive and relevant enough. An awesome investment and satisfaction await you. Below are some of the pros you can expect from our products.

Benefits of Particle Board Core Solid Interior Doors

Nowadays, there are different types of doors in the market. These are made from Timberwood, flush, glass, steel, PVC, fiberglass, fiber reinforced plastics, aluminum, and bamboo-jute composite. There are also battened, ledged, framed and paneled.

All of these options will surely give you a hard time. You will be quite confused making a decision. All in all your journey will be overwhelming and exhausting. You need to narrow your search to identify the one that matches your interest and taste.

To eliminate all the hassles, why don’t you give a particle board core solid interior door a try? With its features, it has a special and unique place in the market. Below are some of the things that make it a great investment for those who own a residential, commercial or industrial property in Toronto.

Durability that lasts a lifetime

Does your current door not keep your home safe from extreme weather elements such as heat, rain, strong winds, or snow? Does it have extreme damages for quite some time? Then, it requires a repair. When a door repairman does not bring back its functionality and appearance, door replacement is your last option.

For your new door, direct your attention to durable materials. Opt the one that can withstand severe conditions in the coming years. Aside from steel and fiberglass, include a particle board core solid interior door into your buying list. It is very durable that can endure any damaging element. It can resist wear and tear within a long span of time. It also can keep its surface as smooth as possible.

Aesthetic value that captures people’s attention

Do you know that your door contributes to the overall appeal of your residential property or business establishment? It plays an important role bringing up the aesthetic value of your home. Nevertheless, it will depend on your option.

Even though your journey will be cumbersome, ensure to get one that works well with a particleboard core solid interior door. You can make it personalized. How are you going to do that? You can accessorize it with stunning knobs, knockers, peepholes, or handles.

But it does not necessarily mean that you will do the job yourself. You can let a well-equipped company handle all your needs. Whatever kind of custom-made particle board core solid interior door, work with a reputable provider. That way, all your dreams, and goals will come to life.

Energy Efficiency with Wood Doors Toronto

Your doors can certainly help eliminate electric bills. You may not realize it, but it is true. It can minimize your energy consumption for sure. But not all solutions can guarantee energy efficiency. With a particle board core solid interior door, it is more efficient than other woods like the traditional one. It is energy star rated that meet the industry requirements.

Do your electric bills continue to increase? Have you ever hired a contractor to fix your heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning appliances? How’s the result? Does it lessen your energy consumption? If everything you do is inefficient, there is something wrong with your door.

Since you do not have the skills and innovative tools, it is always best to rely on an impressive company. Make sure it offers a variety of options including a plastic board core solid interior doors. You can be confident to say bye to high current bills and say hello to a money-saving experience in no time.


Doors should be specially tailored to protect you and other relatives at home against elements. Certainly, you do not want to invest your money in a product that lets rainwater or wind. Before getting a door replacement, please be sure to do thorough research on the internet.

Check which door materials that can withstand the climate in your area. You can take a particle board core solid interior door into consideration. Since its availability in the field, it is known for its maximum stability. What are you waiting? Give it a try and see the difference in how it performs.

Solid MDF Interior Doors

Solid MDF Interior Doors

The door is an important part of every house. It adds elegance to the whole house and protects you and your family from people who have ill wills. Nowadays, there are lots of door companies that hardly compete with one another. Therefore, you must select the best one that can meet your needs.

Well, MD Doors can help you with that. We are one of the most trusted and primary providers of different kinds of doors. To mention one, we offer the best quality of solid MDF interior doors. With our doors, you, your family, as well as your guests, will have a grand entrance as you pass our doors.

As one of the prominent door companies in Canada, we continue to develop the best door system that can meet your requirements. We assure you that you will have beautiful as well as attractively designed doors and gorgeous doors that will surely catch the attention of your guests.

What Makes Wood Doors Toronto Solid MDF Doors Unique?

Our solid MDF doors are crafted with state of the art technology to ensure its highest quality. We understand that you always want the best for your home. With this, we are doing our best to produce only the best doors that match to your specific needs. Unlike other companies, we use protective technology to serve you doors that are safe to use.

MD Doors takes pride in our products. Working as a united team, we always strive for the best to manufacture world-class doors that can satisfy your needs. We pay attention to every detail to serve our customers with the highest quality of solid MDF doors.

With our several years of experience in the door industry, we already have the best techniques and solutions to make the most out of our door products. Thus, we also want you to fulfill your expectations when it comes to your door needs.

Wood Doors Toronto, We work as a family

We treat our customers like our own family. With this, we craft the best solid MDF interior doors with love and passion for ensuring your safety upon its use. With us, you don’t need to worry because we can customize the doors for you. Depending on your requirements, we will help you to receive your dream doors. With us, you can have the color, size, and shape of the door of your choice.

Why Choose Our Solid MDF Interior Doors?

  • A Team Of Experts And Professionals

Our team is very friendly, so you can ask and suggest the type of door that you want for your house. We can work with you through a professional and more effective way. Furthermore, we also guarantee you that the money, time and effort you have invested with us are all worth it. Our team is very approachable, so you can suggest the things and designs that you want for your solid MDF interior doors. Our team has the skills in manufacturing solid MDF interior doors. With us, you have nothing to stress about since we are expert in this type of work.

  • Elegant, Inviting and Creative Designs

We understand that doors play a significant part in establishing a relaxing, elegant and beautiful home. Well, we can help you with that subject. Thus, we offer solid MDF interior doors that come with various designs that you can choose from. You are free to select the design, color, and style of the door that matches your personality and standards. We craft doors with passion and love to produce rewarding and satisfying results for our customers.

Wood Doors Toronto team value

The trust and support of our thousands of customers. With this, we continue to work harder for you to have the door that can give your house with elegance and beauty. Moreover, we also offer classic and traditional doors that are perfect for those who have historic homes. We pay attention to every single detail of our job to avoid disappointing our trusted customers. We also use durable finishes that helps to maintain the perfect design and beauty of your doors.

  • Wallet-Friendly and Practical Cost

With our solid MDF interior doors, you can save more amount of your hard earned money. We offer high-quality solid MDF interior doors in just an amount that you can surely afford. If you are a homeowner who has high standards for doors but is conscious to budget, then we are the right one for you. We can offer you world class doors in an amount that can put a smile on your face.

Unlike many other door companies, we are not totally after the money that we can get from our customers. Instead, we are after the quality that we can give to our customers. We do not want to give disappointments to our clients because that is also a failure on our part. So, as much as possible, we are making our utmost efforts to continue to serve you with the best products and service that you need.

  • A Complete Package Of Services

We understand that every customer wants to receive the highest level of service. This is why we are extending our efforts to provide you the best service that you love. We can give you the best treatment that you never encountered before. We assure you that we can give you the service you need. We are willing to serve and extend to you our helping hand whenever you need our help. We are open to serve you on a 24/7 basis. With just one call away, we will be right there for you to fix your concerns. We can even provide you with an installation guide to ensure your safety and satisfaction.

  • Customized Doors

In our many years in the service, we already gained the support of the people in the city. Therefore, we are going to make efforts to attain or even exceed your standards and expectations. With our custom solid MDF interior doors, you can have more customized doors that can make your house livelier and welcome for your family and guests. With us, you can surely feel at home with our different types of doors.

The color and style of your dream doors are our main priority. We also priority our customers, so we are striving hard to produce the best custom doors that you are aiming at. We can be your non-stop shop for your door needs.

Boosting the Beauty of Your Home

We can help to boost the beauty and elegance of your home by simply choosing our solid MDF interior doors. We are not just crafting doors for your house; we also create doors for your business establishments.

Do you feel bored with your old door? Then, it is time for you to renovate your home and choose our solid MDF interior doors. It is the best solution that you can make to create a happy and livelier mood in your home. With our many styles and design options, for sure you can have the door that will change the boring mode of your house.

Wood Doors Toronto timeless and classic

So you have nothing to worry since our doors will never be out of style. With its great quality and beautiful designs, it can be used for long period. As a result, you can be sure that your money and time that you have given to us are all worth it.

But, if it is difficult for you to choose the design and style of your door, then we are here to help you choose the best one that matches to the style of your house. Our team is also expert in the house design, so we can provide you the design that can help to create beauty and elegance.

High-Quality Doors

Our doors are carefully crafted using state of the art technology and materials. This is to ensure that damages will never be delivered to our customers. We guarantee you that you can have the best quality of doors that can transform your house into a livelier and happy place. By simply choosing our solid MDF interior doors, you can now have a balanced, warm and relaxing ambiance in your home.

With our beautifully designed of solid MDF interior doors, you can have an affordable but high-quality door. In addition to this, you can also be thankful since you can get high-quality doors in just a very affordable price. We promise you that the quality of doors will never be sacrificed despite the practical cost that we offer. Do you need to change your solid MDF interiors in your home? Then, it is time for you to choose us as your partner for that matter.

Solid MDF Interiordoors With Wood Doors Toronto

We can give you the perfect solid MDF interior doors that will change your mood from negative to positive. In addition to that, we also provide you a money back guarantee, because we want to prove to our customers that we are not just after the things that we can get from them. But, we want to provide you the best products and service that you are searching for. We would like to leave a good impression on each of our customers because we do not want to lose their trust and support. As one of the primary door suppliers in Canada, we want to maintain the good name and solid reputation of our company.

We also value the integrity of the people that compose our team. With this, we continue to work harder and maintain a high level of teamwork to make the best out of our door services. For us, we are not just a team; we work as a family because we want to provide our clients with best service that they are always expecting for.

Transform Your Home With Our Solid MDF Interior Doors

It is a fact that your front door and other interior doors are an essential part of your home. Your entrance door and interior doors can create a good or bad impression for your guests. Well, you must not be worried since we can help you to get the perfect door that can leave a good impression not just for your family but also to your guests. With us, you, your family, as well as your guests, can have a grand entrance to your door.

We prioritize both satisfaction and security of our customers. With this, we come up with the solution to use the best techniques to ensure that our doors are safe to use. We manufacture solid MDF interior doors that are well insulated and safe for you and your family.

Wood Doors Toronto service

We are always open to serve you on a 24/7 basis. So, if you have any question and concerns, never hesitate to ask us. Thus we are an open business here. We are never tired and always happy to serve you. We always cater the highest quality products and service that you always expected for.

Wood Doors Toronto Manufacturer

From the manufacturing process, up to our service, you can always expect the best. With your continuous support and trust for our brand and service, we are now more inspired and motivated to our job in the best possible manner.

Our work is not just a career for us, but it is one of our passions in life. We always love to decorate your home with our stylish solid MDF interior doors. We want to provide you and your family with a first class style of doors that can create a more innovative look to your house.

If you have tried the quality of our products and services, you will want to be one of our regular customers for several years. We can be your best partner when it comes to your house decorations specifically your door styles. We are willing to partner with you in your house renovation projects. We are very glad to be a part of your house fashion and style. What are you waiting for? Choose our solid MDF interior doors now!

Solid Wood Exterior Doors

Solid Wood Exterior Doors

Always secure your home with Solid Wood Exterior Door! Take ease in opening and closing your doors with the flexible and well-designed concepts of our products. It’s affordable and marches the ideal beauty of any home. Here, Solid wood doors are of the highest quality, made from the finest brands and are long to last.

Take the opportunity of ordering our solid wood doors and see the big difference it makes in your home. In just a few snaps of a button, you can call us and our service team takes your inquiries. We make sure that there no intruders to enter your house and you are safe from the hot or cold weather.

The Solid Wood Exterior Doors provides a home with the superb elegance, an inviting look, and style. You get the assurance making fun and beautiful living in your house. There is happiness if you have that form of contentment and convenience in your residence. Our products make your home more beautiful and essential for you. We give you a door that not only gives beauty to your home but makes it more inviting to guests and other visitors.

Come and look at the Solid Wood Exterior Doors we have here, and you are sure to 1`marvel due to the elegant look, the color and the style it has. See all kinds of design that would surely fill your satisfaction. Prepare to have excellent orders that fit your needs and budget.


We offer you not just a wooden for your security. We provide a unique and awesome Solid Wood Exterior Door that you and your visitors like. The company cares about your satisfaction, so a superb design is present all the time. Our team focus on the quality and convenience of opening and closing your doors, so the design matches the doors lining. Your satisfaction is our utmost concern so we do the best we can to achieve it.

We have plenty of designs to choose. Here, we take our creativity to the next level by making the designs to reality. We craft every edge of the doors based on sketch we have. Our team of experts does an excellent job all the time, so you are sure to have the best door. The company also gives priority to your ideas. You give us the design you want, and we handle the job!

That is right. We also have the skill to expand your thoughts by adding more details to the design. In that way, we give you full assurance of a creative result. We handle the job at the right time. Solid Wood Exterior Doors require enough preparation to arrive at the best results. So, we plan, search the right tools and have our team take a look at the possible creative options.

Then, you wait and see the big difference it makes in the outer part of your house. By putting a lot of patience and creativity, you have the guarantee of an excellent creation that is perfect in your home.

Superb Construction

Do you want Solid Wood Exterior Doors having durability and flexibility? The wait is over. We offer a state of the art doors construction that is top among the rest. Customers prove the construction process, and they are satisfied with the work. We take time and effort in the combining panels and joints of the doors.

Experience the unique elegance of your home with doors that are long-lasting. Thanks to the creativity and effort of our team, the construction, and building of the doors are sure to be a success. The primed edges of the panel are made securely so that the doors don’t have creaking sounds when you are going to open and close it. We perfect our work through dedication and hearing the ideas and suggestions of our customers.

We make the process of the building the door easy and fast. But, we maintain the top elegance of the doors by making procedure carefully. We do our best to surprise you, so we take the best step in completing our work. Here, you can see that dedication meets excellence. We take chances. We do the best we can to offer the best service for you.

Call us and see the big difference we make in your life. We are happy and eager to serve you all the time. You are our priority, and we make sure that we are trusted. Let us make your home beautiful through the Solid Wood Exterior Doors we are offering.

Affordable and In Style

Your home entrance deserves to look great. So, we create doors that are proportional and adequate to the exterior of your home. We do a stylish approach to the door making concepts, so we create designs that fit the image of the house as well as its strong security. Are you worried about add1ional costs? Don’t worry! Here, we offer you a stylish door at an affordable price.

Forget the idea of a costly exterior door. We meet your demands by offering you competitive cost options in your order, Each type of exterior door you order comes with a price that fits your budget. We combine th4r stylish part with the affordable rate. Here, the time given to each customer is precious, so the style of the doors is important.

The company provides a wide selection of door styles that compliment the design and beauty of a home. The team pay attention to creativity and balance the idea by creating an excellent outpu2t as possible. Every customer deserves a stylish look on the exterior part of their home. It’s up to the experts in the company to handle it.

With close attention to detail, satisfaction is high. The styling process is widely thought and decision making to arrive at the most suitable results. So, when it comes to stylish and elegant looking exterior doors, you have the best company as a partner in making your dreams come true.

We give you all so that great satisfaction is there. Yes, we value your satisfaction and taste, so the best doors that fit your budget is here. No worries. Call our team right now be glad to hear the exciting deals we have for you. Take the opportunity by calling us, and we do the rest to give you the things you want.

Materials at its Best

Forget about the cheap doors you see. Here, say hello to Solid Wood Exterior Doors that are of the latest work. The materials are all original wood that gives a beautiful look your home deserves. Our door materials when it comes to door making are one of the finest in the market, so there is satisfaction all the time. Your order comes with the assurance of the quality doors that are proving to last over the years.

We offer you custom doors that you receive in order. Expect a thick and solid thickness in the front and the sides of the door. The thickness is due to the quality and trusted materials it has. There are custom sizes for each door so no worries in the selection and installation.

We give you doors made of mahogany, cedar, oak and more. You pick the door you want, and we deliver it to your doorstep right away. We also have different wood door colors depending on the type of house you are building. The colors are matched with an impressive design to captivate any guests and send a pleasing ambiance to the house.

The pattern outlines the durability of the door. See wonderful doors in our site and be thrilled to choose from the designs. We also give a design that reflects each door pattern. No hassle in thinking of the proper door to install in your home, apartment or the balcony. The materials together with combination f patterns and styles are your best bet for choosing the best purchase.

We take pleasure in being a part of your life by offering you the best doors with hard, strong and durable materials. Expect that our materials are not only quality made but also makes a fresh look on your doors when it comes to the durability, less moisture, and life of the solid doors.

Easy Door Installation

Solid Wood Exterior Doors are easy to install, and we do the accurate process of achieving our goals. We use trusted and handy tools for finishing the installation process. The team is an expert on the job and has several years of experience in mastering the work. We take pride in doing state of the art procedures to make the installation a success.

Here, using the set of tools is important so that there would be no hassle on the job. The team relies on expertise and time management to get things on the right place. We take it a step by step process to achieve success in the work.

The team first starts on the side of the door frame using checking both sides. Then, they make an extra effort in making the right approach in putting the door on the door frame. The installation process is also given a delicate touch to see the complete perfection of the work. Come and have a look at the doors in our site and pick the right door for your house.

We make the installation process in utmost level to not only achieve an impressive result but also to make sure the work reaches your satisfaction. We offer you a choice that is worth your budget and time. We see to it the work marches the credibility we have. Hence you have a service that is remarkable.


Solid Wood Exterior Doors serves your home beauty an attraction. It provides solid and durability when it comes to closing and opening the door. The solid exterior doors fit your budget and don’t require a lot of maintenance. Also, it also lasts for a long time due to the construction process and the tools materials.

Order it anytime!

Solid Wood Exterior Doors is perfect for your home. We make sure that every order results to your satisfaction. We are free in receiving orders for your convenience. Our team makes sure an excellent assistance is present all the time. You tell us the kind of door you want, and we are happy to give the additional details about it.

Aside from the information, we offer you the assistance you need in making the order process hassle-free. We take note of the details you give us, and we do the best we can to meet your order. There are simple ways in the order process you would have it. We make sure the order you want arrives on the specified date you want to. Here, we also take the opportunity in accessing your concerns so that there is a clear choice in your order or orders. The company also gives information about the prices of the doors and the availability of each. It ensures you a quick response in receiving the door on the appointed time.

Wood Doors Toronto will complete orders in the fastest and credible way we could. Solid doors suit the ambiance of your home and give it an inviting presence, so there are no delays of the orders. Using our doors sets your home unique from the rest. Feel the comfort and security of living in your home as the company offers you the things you need to achieve a comfortable life.

Give it a try and marvel at the Solid Wood Exterior Doors we have. The best selection is yours, and the benefits are present all the time. The payment process for the doors is online so no worries about the process of paying for your order. The information about the doors is found on our site. You can kindly look at the details and pick an awesome door.

Call Wood Doors Toronto now and experience an excellent service that truly matches your expectations. Receive the great benefits by placing an order right now. We’re here to serve you to the fullest.

Solid Wood Interior Doors

Solid Wood Interior Doors

While these doors are commonly used for the exterior, most especially to your entry doors, solid wood doors are sometimes used for a home’s interior needs as well. Most homeowners chose solid wood interior doors for their style and beauty for which they can provide your home with the elegant and traditional look.

Solid wood interior Doors are different from that of the solid core doors. Manufacturers made this from wood fiber or an exterior skin of plywood. This interior door material can also be complete with both softwoods and hardwoods which is well-thought-out as the popular wood options.

Some of the popular options include mahogany, cherry, pine, maple, and red oak. Since wood has an exceptional soundproofing quality, they will help you feel to be more private and keep most of the noises in and out especially when the door is shut. These doors are also secure and very heavy which provides them a stable feeling. Aside from that, they can also be easy to stain, painted and customized.

Choosing the Best Interior Door for Your Homes

If you are planning to change your interior door with a new one, you have to choose the one that fits your taste and needs. Interior doors are an integral part of your home, and they can add to the style of your room. There are many styles of the interior door today, therefore make sure to choose the “right one” in remodeling your existing home or building your new one.

The door you will pick will reflect the overall design of your home, and this will serve a purpose of providing security and privacy. Here are the things you need to know when buying an interior door for your home.

  • Materials Used

Solid wood interior doors are made from different species such as maple, cherry, fir, pine, and mahogany. Some species are soft, and some are hard. Each of them has their unique characteristics that affect the color and the graining of the wood. These doors provide a high level of sounding reduction which offers you with privacy. They also provide a sturdy look and a feel of substantial weight.

  • Types

There are also types of the interior door for you to choose. The one that you will pick will affect the style and the overall look of your home. So, choose the door that you think will meet the style of your home.

Panel Doors are doors that are commonly established in most homes. Manufacturers made them from either composite materials or solid wood. These doors are available in a variety of styles and size which can also accommodate glass inserts.

Sliding Doors have two or more segments that are slide past in each other. They are normally used for spaces and closets which will not accommodate a swinging door. They are also mirrored to help provide a small room to look larger.

Pocket Doors are also sliding doors, but they disappear into the wall. This type of door is fit for small rooms where a swinging door is not practical. They can have glass inserts or solid panels.

Bi-Fold Doors are the doors used to take a large place where the swing of the door would be too wide. They slid and hinged on a track. These doors are usually used in pantries and closets.

Flush Doors are doors that have a plain facing on each side and can have either a hollow core or solid. They also offer practical design and can work well with fashionable décor.

French Doors can either have a metal frame or wood around on opaque or transparent panels of glass. They are not design for privacy but aesthetic purposes.

  • Features

Your interior door doesn’t have to be boring. Whether your home is rustic or contemporary, there are so many ways to personalized your interior doors to match the style of your home. Whatever type of door you want for your interior doors, you need to find the best quality of doors from the trusted brand and manufacturer. We have it all here!

  • Manufacturer

When choosing for the best solid wood interior doors, you need to trust the best and buy from a reputable manufacturer. Since you want the best, you need to trust from the best and reliable manufacturer of solid wood interior doors. Trust the one that will offer you with not only one design nut with multiple one.

Here with us, we will help you find the right door for your home renovation needs. Tell us what you need, and we will provide you with the high quality of solid wood interior doors. Expect nothing but quality doors from us for we know how much you value your home. Everything starts with a call. Contact us.

Our Unique Solid Wood Interior Doors

We are a premier provider of solid wood interior doors which captures the beauty of old and unique craftsmanship. We don’t sacrifice the quality and sturdy construction, and it always comes with the state-of-the-art engineering techniques. Every door we manufacture are all made from 100% solid and has no veneers. It only means that all the products, from our Platinum Collections to our rustic mahogany doors, feature natural grain distinctions that make each of our doors unique.

Our solid wood interior doors can also maintain their stunning look for many years for unlike the veneered products, they never delaminate, and they are durable. Interior doors are indeed beautiful. It is true especially if you are going to choose solid wood interior doors. Our doors will offer your home with unique color and texture which can further help improve the overall style of your home. If your home is traditional, it will always be a perfect addition to your home.

Durable and Stylish Doors – Only Here With Us!

Nothing beats us when it comes to the quality of doors we offer. Our solid wood interior doors offers you with numerous advantages which you need to consider in replacing your door or installing a new one. Our doors will offer your home with unique color and texture which can further help improve the overall style of your home. If your home is traditional, it will always be a perfect addition to your home.

Majority of the customers that comes to us are looking for solid door interior doors especially those with old homes. They prefer to choose interior doors that are made up of wood. Aside from that, our doors only require little maintenance. Although woods may be sensitive to moisture, they only need small maintenance. If you are planning to paint them, there will be a great chance of increasing their lifespan. Our solid wood interior doors can also resist the scratches and dents. If the door’s surface is properly sealed, you will find out these doors can withstand plenty of banging.

Aside from that, you can also have the chance to lower than the costs of your utility. Because of the warmth these doors emanate, solid wood interior woods can help you decrease your monthly electric bills, especially during winter season. You can also reduce the number of times that you will be using your heater.

If you think they lack insulations, you can add foam cores, and they can already prevent any heat loss. Our solid wood interior woods are also customizable. It only means that they are flexible that lets you add different features to them. If you don’t want your kids to enter your kitchen, you can have the choice to add a passkey to the lock of your door. The doors that we offer here are perfect for severe weather conditions, so you don’t need to worry about your safety and security. We can make it possible for you.

Excellent Customer Service – we provide you!

Are you looking for excellent customer service? You are in the right place! Here with us, we treat our customers are our friends. We know how much you put a value on your home. As your trusted and reputable manufacturer, we will help you all the way to your home renovations. Whatever type of doors you need, from interior to exterior wood doors, we got you covered!

Your home is unique, and it means that you need to trust a unique manufacturer. If you are a resident of Toronto, Canada, get in touch with us and see how we can help you. You are just one call away to the Toronto’s leading solid wood interior door supplier. We will provide you with our utmost customer service. If you want the best, we will provide you the best doors for your home needs. We also offer to ship to your doors. We ship to different places and the shipping fees covers the standard delivery to most of the residential driveway. Our professional and friendly team members will assist you with the doors that you need.

It is also important to know that our experienced customer services professionals are willing to provide you with focused assistance to better help you with your home and construction project. Whether you are a designer, homeowner or an architect, we look forward to working with you to achieve the designs you desired.

By investing with us as your solid door interior supplier, you can cut down the idea of a middleman which will help you save money and time. By directly dealing with us, you can have the chance to save more energy, and you can be more confident that your door is of good quality. We take pride in customizing all the orders through providing you with the personal attention that you need to complete your project. With us, nothing is impossible.

Reasonable Price

Our solid wood interior doors are reasonably priced to the quality of superior materials, hand-crafted and provide numerous benefits that you can receive. Think of your new door as your investment. It is a door that is functional; it also offers an amount of art on the interior features of your home. Any of our solid wood doors will enhance style and value of your home, with proper finishing that can last a lifetime. Since wood is sturdy, dense and dependable, choosing our top quality doors can help you save a large amount of money for future repairs and replacements. Since wood is a natural insulator, purchasing energy products will surely offer you with measurable annual savings on both the cooling and heating expenses.

Start Building Your Project with Wood Doors Toronto!

If you are looking for the perfect solid wood interior doors in Toronto, well, you have come to the right place. Here with us, it doesn’t matter where your home is traditional or contemporary. We can always offer you with the perfect door for your home. We have a wide selection of doors that combines the functionality and elegant which have the adaptability to serve as an entry door to your home. No matter what your taste and needs, we have the perfect solid door interior door for you!

When picking for a manufacturer for a solid wood interior doors, choose us as your unique manufacturer. We believe that your entrance door is more than just an entry point to your home. Moreover, it will always make a statement about the people that live inside. Our solid wood doors will provide your home value and beauty for the future years to come. We always create a timeless expression for your remodeled and new home that other manufacturers cannot do.

Our Solid Wood Interior Doors will elegantly transform your home and withstand the test of time and test of different conditions for the next generations to come – count on us for your perfect solid doors today and tomorrow! What are you waiting? Browse our wide range of door selections and choose the one that fits your taste and style!

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