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Solid Wood Door Manufacturer Order Process

We believe that life is about choices. There are times that you need a precise idea of the kind of door you want, while there are also instances that you need to see it first to determine if it is what you need. Wood Doors Toronto has lots of choices to make looking for the best door carefree and simple.

We offer high quality doors available in various styles, materials and design. That is the reason why we have broken down our order process into simple steps. Doing so, our staff can assist you to have a proper and informed choice of the door you want.

Select a Style

Complement your house with renowned styles like contemporary, colonial and traditional style, or browse our wide collections of high quality doors made of superior materials.

Select your Size

Our wood doors are available in various sizes and shapes. Regardless of what you want, Wood Doors Toronto can make your dream door a reality. Choose your size up to twelve feet tall, 2 ¼ inch thick and six feet wide.

Pick a Wood Species

We provide an extensive selection of wood materials/ species, each one with its individual exceptional character. Pick from exotic to traditional, each one meets our strict grading standard. This gives you an assurance that the product you get will last for many decades.

Choose Your Style

It doesn’t matter if you’re concerned about privacy or simply want to include a modern look to your home design; we at Wood Doors Toronto can provide the best piece of wood door which reflects your aim and vision.

Choose an Upgrade

Oftentimes a front door requires additional security from the challenging elements of weather. Our series of high quality wood doors are heavy duty. We have wood door made for the toughest exposure.

Pick a Dealer

Wood Doors Toronto authorized Solid Wood Door Manufacturer dealer will provide with the extra details you want. All you need to do it is to visit our site and key in your postal code.

After sale Service

We offer after sale service as required, backed by our business leading product assurance. We also offer free installation.

For more information about our services and products please feel free to visit our website or contact our customer hotline number. You can also send us an email with your queries. You can visit our showroom located at 200 Edgeley Blvd Unit 25 Vaughan, Ontario, Canada. When ordering online, make sure to fill out the form properly for fast ordering process.

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