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All products are hand crafted from Solid Wood and manufactured in Canada


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Wood Doors Toronto Products Handcrafted in the Canada

We believe that custom, solid wood doors must portray and reflect true skill and art. The production of our remarkable door begins with our highly talented craftsmen choosing the right pieces of the rough sawn, real solid wood of your liking. Our skilled team then thoroughly mill every solid wood door component with accuracy to build your door.

We perform every fabrication process with attention and care to detail by our highly skilled hands – straight to finish standing and to create a custom crate to ship your door. At Wood Doors Toronto, you get the greater quality of a genuine solid wood door, with precision craftsmanship, which has demonstrated to last for generations.

Made for Generations to Come!

If you take a moment, each door since the beginning of time was only a solid wood door. People walk in and out of a solid wood door as old as our country each day! You won’t find anything like aluminum, fiberglass, MDF, particleboard, or engineered doors back then.

In spite of these advances in material, Wood Doors Toronto’s genuine solid doors will never be out of style and will continue to keep an admirable and tasteful choice in present’s world. Our solid wood doors will stylishly change your home and stand the test of time for many years to come!


Wood Doors Toronto Products, which our clients are delighted with – and this denotes that whatever challenges our clients have in store for us, our crew is more than ready to meet it. Wood Doors Toronto Products doesn’t restrict and relay our clients to strict limitations and templates, thus offering our


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